[jananese Dancer]In case of Ms. Kozue who dances at “ROPPONGI Kaguwa”!


《photo by ROPPONGI kaguwa》


This time is at a show restaurant in Roppongi.

Miss. Kozue who keeps dancing is introduced.

What kind of person is dancer’s Kozuet?

Kozue who appeared on “Naked eve” of a TV program this time is 24 years old at present.

Kozue says that it’s often called so-called “gloomy type” and “social withdrawal”.

A dancer doesn’t usually see at all.

But when it concentrates on a dance once, an expression changes completely.



《photo by:tv.yahoo.co.jp》Kozue


An address:〒 106-0032 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 5-4-2 Six Roppongi Kaguwa

OPEN:18:00-0:30 (fly and sat-3:30)

1st 18:00-OPEN 19:30-SHOW

2nd 21:00-OPEN 22:00-SHOW

※ MIOUZA performance (only sat)

15:45-OPEN 16:30-SHOW

A regular day off: Open everyday

(1st floor seats, 122 seats 64 seats of balcony seat) audience :186 seat

The translations by which Kozue was a dancer?

A classic ballet was being learned from time of the 1st grader of elementary school, but Kozue feels the limit as well as university entrance into a school of higher grade and has resigned from the ballet I liked very much so far.

She loses something I like very much, has been at a loss and has also left a university.

The feelings by which she’s that case.

“You couldn’t throw out your chest and live any more, and it was the feeling that I’m sorry to live.”

I told in the program.

A chance was an encounter with visited KAZUWA for such Kozue.

And Kozue has begun to walk the way as a dancer.

And she puts on a beautiful costume and shows a dance by a smiling face at the showy stage at present.

What is a dream of Kozue?

“ROPPONGIkazuwa” where Kozue is working, be the guest and keep the shop fully.
It looks like Kazumi where her target is a senior top dancer, that it’ll be.

She’s giving the lessons which reach 4 hours every day and is appearing on the stage for 2 days a week at present.

The present worries

10 months have passed since Kozue began to work as a dancer of Kazuwa.

She holds one of worries now.

“I think the growth stops.”

“I don’t know what one can do.”
These are worries of Kozue.

To settle the worries, Kozue consults Kazumi of an attracted senior dancer.

A sense peaks, and Kozue who had a meal with Kazumi breaks into tears.

I thought Kozue got various advice from Kazumi and had an interest in a dance increasingly, and faced to the front tightly, and would like to make an effort.


I’d like to confirm the growth of such Kozue in ROPPONGI KAZUWA.
I felt like supporting her.

There is also a human design of much in each in a showy stage.
You have various worries and isn’t such characteristics of man of a boy friend and them making them color more stages?